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Why the name Red?

Craig Colvin - Tech Recruiter + Director

I was a very Ginger Kid and that was my nickname.

I grew up in the Gong (Wollongong) we didn't really have much in terms of money but that didn't really matter to me, I lived on the beach and we made our own fun and my parents worked hard to make sure that when we grew up we could have something and I don't mean something as in a thing like money or assets, I mean something that we could offer as a human to other people.

I now live in Torquay on the Surf Coast of Victoria with my Wife and our Airdale Terrier.

Our work is fully remote, I WFH and are happy to share tips! 

I'm a career recruiter, this is my life, I'll be here with you on this journey.

Finding the recruitment experience you have been looking for starts here.
  • Whats it like to recruit with Craig Colvin?

    "I have known Craig Colvin for 5 years, during which he has worked with me to fill various roles that I have had vacant.

    Of the many recruiters I have dealt with over the years, Craig stands out for his ability to build and maintain relationships and deliver for his clientele and their needs. He is genuine, never too serious, and always gets back to you. He is never pushy. Craig is one of very few recruiters I know that are willing to give something up for no immediate return. He values the long game, and this is what sets him apart. This is why employers like me, and contractors are happy to work with him – over and over and over again."
    Head of Tech, Iconic Australian Sporting Governing Body.

  • What's it like working with Craig Colvin?

    "I have had the pleasure of working with Craig Colvin on several assignments over the past 8-10 years.

    Craig has unmatched experience in the IT industry and is genuinely committed to providing the best talent to the right employer.

    In addition to Craig’s positivity and professionalism, he keeps his contractors abreast of industry and technology trends, giving us the insight needed to gain the edge in interviews and to help us perform at our best in each engagement.

    Working with Craig it is clearly apparent he is dedicated to the success of both his contractors and his clients, so not your average agent.

    Looking forward to the next assignment!".
    Nico, Network Engineer

  • What's it like working with Craig Colvin?

    "I met with Craig only a few months after I arrived in Melbourne, and I straight-away knew that he was not any random recruiter you can find out there. First and foremost because he does not recruit in anything: he mainly specialises in network / security / cloud / systems which has allowed him to really know the industry and its key people. Consequently, he also knows what skills to look for, go beyond a resume, a list of certifications or a check-list given by the customer to truly identify talent where it lies, and find the best fit for the customer's team.

    Craig really cares about people and back then, when things were not going well for me, he was there trying to help me, even if he was "just" a recruiter! He helped me find that job that has allowed me to be where I am now. Later down the track our paths crossed again, he found me another job by calling me the very day my contract ended! He did everything he could to make his consultants and the customer happy.

    Craig is also a fun and pleasant person to work with, really open minded with a great spirit. I would recommend working with him as a candidate or as a client without a doubt."
    Pierre, Network Consultant

  • What's it like working with Craig Colvin?

    "I have been contracting for 17 years now through various IT recruitment companies and I can honestly say that the past 2.5 years working through Craig Colvin at Red Resources has been by far the best experience out of the lot. Craig's work ethic, professionalism and general friendly nature has been fantastic right from day one. He was supportive from the initial conversations right through my contract end date, making it a pleasure to work with Craig."
    Zayne, Senior Infrastructure Engineer

  • What's it like working with Craig Colvin?

    "I have had the good fortune of being placed twice by Craig, and I can honestly say he is one of the most genuine people you will ever meet. His down to earth nature and witty sense of humour set him apart from the majority of people in the recruitment industry. Craig has also shown time and time again that he cares about the people he places, working hard to ensure their transition is as smooth as possible."
    Dean, Senior Engineer, Global Software Company.

  • What's it like working with Craig Colvin?

    I've worked with Craig from both sides of the recruitment table, as a hiring manager and an applicant. In both scenarios, Craig went above and beyond what I could have expected from a recruiter. Craig takes the time to get to know his potential candidates and clients, he was on the phone to me often checking in during the process (even when there was no good news to report) and was candid and honest. It helps that Craig knows what he doesn't know, and could often be found at MeetUps learning about upcoming technologies that excite the tech candidates he needed to work with. While many recruiters stood at the back drinking the free beers and eating the pizza and looking for potential work - Craig had a real interest in the presentations and asked relevant questions from the middle of the crowd.

    If you are looking to fill a role, or are looking for the next challenge - Craig is definitely your best choice. Most other recruiters just aren't in his league.
    Rob Kenefeck, Senior Consultant at Servian